Despite the inevitable role of pallet utilization in an efficient logistics chain, using pallets can draw some troubles too. Most of these troubles have been detected in the DCs. To be able
to create a more effective and efficient process, identifying these difficulties is the first priority. From DC perspectives, troubles with using pallets can be described as below:

  1. Most of the received products are from different locations with different standards and sizing policies. It has been one of the major challenges ahead of distributors and pallet users.
  2. The other problem is considered in receiving of pallets. It is quite a challenge to reuse pallets with different standards. In this case, unification of pallets is the main obstacle.
  3. Loading pallets while shipping is another issue of concerns in pallets utilization. There are a lot of concerns raised from loading pallets into different containers and different
  4. Pallet standardization is required internationally since any company uses a pallet matching its requirements especially from pallets shipped from Asia.
  5. Reusing a pallet is more efficient than the single-way ones from a sustainable point of view but from technical perspective it could cause some difficulties.
  6. There could be a lot troubles detected while using pallets but they can be beneficial on the other hands.