1. What is saw timber?

Pine is commonly grown in temperate climates. They usually grows upright, round and easily sawed. After being exploited, the sap still exists in the pine wood to help fight termites and termites in wood. Therefore, sawn pine timber is relatively durable compared to other types of wood products that are chosen by many consumers to make wooden floors, cabinets, pallet, etc.

Sawn pine timber has high grip and is easy to polish, soft and light, with good resistance to force. The price of sawn pine products is extremely attractive to consumers.

2. Characteristics of sawn pine timber

  • Pine wood is quite light in weight and less susceptible to termites. When it was still a raw wood, this wood was very soft and had turpentine.
  • Pine wood is less susceptible to termites, because these types of wood have resin. This is considered a good natural preservative of this wood.
  • Pine wood has good machine resistance, high screw grip. Thanks to these advantages, it is commonly used in the woodworking industry.
  • This type of wood is very little deformed when drying, especially when covered with varnish, the wood will become glossy, with very high aesthetics.

3. Application of sawn pine timber

4. Where I can buy sawn pine timber?

Sawn pine wood is often imported from Europe, Africa, and some Asian countries like Vietnam.
As a supplier of wood and wood products, with a source of quality Vietnamese pine, HLC-Envipak Vietnam is confident to bring customers sawn timber products with excellent price and quality.
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